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Smart Scale Brand – SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

The website is dedicated to providing the best service, through our qualified team of professionals who focus on health and fitness. Founded in 2020, has a passion for quality service delivery and ensures that our customers have access to the most up-to-date technology for health and fitness while offering quality products. It provides the best Smart Scale, it makes it easily accessible wherever and whenever. it helps you discover your best self yet with the power of smart scale technology and metrics that matter. They wanted to reach out to an audience that has an interest in health and fitness. Starting with their social media marketing we provided all the digital marketing services.


This smart scale company was quite famous in Canada and required to do online marketing. To attract customers that were related to the health and fitness industry we started with social media marketing, SEO marketing and then slowly moved to the entire strategy of digital marketing. The major challenges were that the website had a single product. They wanted to target the B2C rather than the B2B market. Along with high traffic, they also required quick revenue. Due to the pandemic, there were other external barriers as well.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


On auditing the website and social media pages we realized that the brand had very little presence in the health and fitness industry. Be divided as a strategy into stages and make sure that every stage has its own focus on driving traffic and sales on the website. The analysis also shows very few numbers in traffic and no sales in the last quarter. There were a number of competitors targeting the same market and selling the same product and it was important to stand out in the market.

Social Media Marketing.

We collaborated with influencers across various social media platforms in the health and fitness industry. Explain the importance of a project and communicate with them if they can market it for us. The strategy helped in gaining attention from a wider audience. We also worked on creating attractive text images and continually posting them on various social media platforms. Our strategies were pretty simple. We marketed motivational quotes and correct information that is required by the audience. We also highlighted giveaways and contests that day that were higher engagement to the website and social platforms.


When we started to project the traffic to the website was comparatively lower and there were no sales in the first quarter. As we begin we started with targeting the highest volume keywords and gradually shifted to the niche market keywords. We focused on the content of the website and social media and how we can align all the keywords with the help of both. Our technical team noticed that there was a drastic change in ranking and there was an increase in clicks and traffic as well. While optimizing the website we also make sure that the average time spent on the website increases and more customers journey to the landing page.

Google ads

For paid marketing, we focused on various types of Google ads. Google text ads and display ads worked best for this industry. We also worked on video ads in the later stage. To gain a greater ROI we ensured to target the right audience that can relate to our branding. We marketed them in limited locations after analysing which areas work best for the company. We also kept specific timings so that we can receive a high volume of traffic. Our strategies worked the best for the domain and received great traffic just after the first campaign.

Content Marketing

Content is king in digital marketing strategy and to market such a product that can get the health and fitness industry it is important that we focus on the right content for the right audience. The content involved everything starting from blogs, infographics, and social media communications as well as information available on the website. We optimize the content on all levels and ensure that it aligns with the best SEO strategies and is easy to understand. We also collaborated with other websites and influencers for guest blogs that boosted traffic by 3x. All these efforts showed drastic changes in ranking and audience interaction.

All the strategies worked well in the favor of the company as well as it was successful in highlighting the key features of the product that made us stand out among all the competitors performing digital marketing.

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