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Web Design & Development For Non-Profit Organization Case Study

About Client

The website is related to the mission of Children Obesity which provides assistance to the local communities, children, parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals by preventing and treating childhood obesity proactively. They aim to implement healthy living skills through nutritional education, physical activity classes, books, videos, and films and lay the foundation for healthy behaviors that will reduce obesity risk and promote health over the course of a lifetime. They wanted to create a website that helps them to build awareness around their motive. We used go-daddy to create a website, optimize it and launch it successfully.

There are the steps that we followed in order to build the website:

  1. To Choose The Site Type- We decided on the type of website that best suited the purposes of the organization. We kept it simple and clean on the front end and that highlights the vision of the website.
  2. Select Your Industry and Website Title – Once we sign up, and choose the style the first step is to actually build the site. I selected various themes that would be the best fit for a website.
    Send for theme approval – We sent the various options of theme styles and titles to the client for approval. Once we received approval, we started working on the developing part.
  3. Customize the design- The first step after we received approval was to select the proper layout and the sections that we need on the page and added the images accordingly
  4. Content Organization- The major task was to organize the content. We had to do an audit to get the full picture. Once the content was organized, we audited the pages on the website. The content audit insights helped us map what content would go under which section of the new website.
    Add New Sections- We added various sections that can highlight our purpose vision and the story behind the organization’s purpose in order to reach out to the larger audience.
  5. Add Pages- We added various pages like about us, our mission and vision, how they can support us, how they can contact us, and various videos that highlight the working of the organization.
  6. Ask for final approval- Once all this was done please send the website to the client for final approval. Made a few final changes and launched the website with the proper campaign.


One time development project and the client was quite satisfied with the websites containing design and power development process. Since it was a non-profit organization, we were grateful to help them with their skills and contribute towards a better society.

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