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Boxing & Punch Bag Brand – SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

The website aims to bring the world’s best Punchbags to the professional market at an affordable price, allowing upcoming champions and present champions to have the kit they need to unleash their full potential. They provide innovative and affordable MMA accessories and equipment that are meant to maximise training results and allow you to focus entirely on improving your performance. The client website delivers mainly to the united kingdom and around. Their goal to start digital marketing and SEO was to target the right audience, build an online presence and thus capture a higher market share in the industry. They also wanted to boost the orders from their website which helps them to scale the business.


The aqua boxing bag company was quite famous with the name but was new in the online market. To target the right customers that were related to the health and fitness industry and moreover, specif to the boxing industry, we started with SEO marketing and then slowly moved to social media marketing and the entire strategy of digital marketing. The major challenges were that the website had limited products. They wanted to target the B2C rather than the B2B market. Along with high traffic, they also required quick revenue. They wanted to market the product such that it becomes a go-to choice for aqua bags. With all this as the goal, their digital marketing became quite a challenging task for the team.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


On auditing the website we found that there were lots of changes to be made and optimise for the SEO strategy. They had less presence on social media and other platforms which were important aspects of digital marketing. We also worked on existing keywords to determine where we stand on the organic search. We also found that there were a number of competitors targeting the same market and selling the same product and it was important to stand out in the market.

SEO Strategy

Giving initial push- Starting with a new site, we comprehended that there were limitations. In the beginning. We focused on keywords with low competition and decent traffic value. We used various keyword tools to determine traffic value and manual research to estimate competition. Examining the search engine results pages (SERPs), we looked for results with:

  • Bad exact-match domains.
  • A lack of big-name brands.
  • Low-quality or outdated content.
  • Pages with a low link count.

Adding backlinks- Pages need links to rank in search. The number of links needed to be competitive depends on the page, site, niche, type of query, and so on. We evaluated links, placing more emphasis on quality and less on numbers. We added quality links that boost our ranking and from there, positive engagement signals would further validate the page as an authority in the eyes of search engines.

Strategic content creation- Content is important to drive SEO success. We ensure to add useful content for the audience. We maintained a relentless focus on SEO — creating every page with search, and the opportunities available to us, in mind. The content not only gave the right information to the visitors on the page but also helped in boosting the ranking on the search engine.

Social Media Strategy

Create accounts- We created social media accounts that helped in creating a presence and building awareness among the target audience. This allowed us to get more traffic to the website. We knew that it is important to engage your audience via the right platforms so we choose Instagram and Facebook as the initial choices

Added Engaging Content- In the second stage of the social media campaign, we created the content and images that directly engage the audience. We created infographics, offers, and attractive videos that can market the products and services of the brand effectively. This gave us boots in traffic and engage the audience.

Google ads

For paid marketing, we focused on various types of Google ads. Google text ads and display ads worked best for this industry. We also worked on video ads in the later stage. To gain a greater ROI we ensured to target the right audience that can relate to our branding. We marketed them in limited locations after analysing which areas work best for the company. We also kept specific timings so that we can receive a high volume of traffic. Our strategies worked the best for the domain and received great traffic just after the first campaign.

All the strategies worked well in the favor of the company as well as it was successful in highlighting the key features of the product that made us stand out among all the competitors performing digital marketing.

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