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Lens And Eyewear SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

A family-run business, that has been serving the optical industry for many years now. Their goal is to ensure everything is of the highest quality and as perfect as it can be. The purpose to create the website is to charge less for high-quality lenses, provide service to the comfort of your home, and replace them easily. They wanted to provide the best service among the online competitors. They approached us for SEO and digital marketing service for the website. We have already worked for a similar industry so it was easier to establish their digital presence with great success.


There were various challenges regarding the domain. The major challenge was to stand out from the competition in terms of quality and product. It was tough to build the digital presence from scratch. Another challenge was that the website had limited products so the target audience was very niche. The site also had various issues such as very few local links pointing to the site, very few local rankings, there was no real inbound marketing strategy in place, and service pages were not optimized.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


On auditing the website we realized that there are many bugs in the website that increase the bounce rate. We had a very low ranking on search engines. While doing research we managed to find out the set right set of audiences that we had targeted the right set of keywords as well as what kind of social media creatives can boost engagement in this industry. On the basis of these metrics, we started to build our digital marketing strategy, and very recently we also did affiliate marketing for the company.


For our SEO strategy, we targeted to achieve KPI objectives. First, we increased year-over-year organic traffic by working on the website bugs and content. targeted high-volume keywords that were less targeted by other competitors. This boosted our ranking and also helped in gaming traffic from the right audience. Then, we increased the number of keywords ranked in the top 100. Later people reached their site through search engine results (not paid advertisements)more as compared to the previous period. We also supported our website through backlinks and social bookmarking.


For paid advertisements, we strategically curated text and images and aligned them with the right keywords for the targeted audience. We clearly knew about our target audience so we kept our ads visibility accordingly. This saved us a lot of money and engaged our audience in a better way. We increased The ROI of the company by 30%. We worked more on Google ads as it helped in gaining traffic and ranking. We also kept specific timings so that we can receive a high volume of traffic. Our strategies worked the best for the domain and received great traffic just after the first campaign.

Social media marketing

To gain the trust of the audience it was important to engage with them. We started social media marketing on various platforms. We created posts that showcase our products such that the audience is attracted to the website. We also share customer reviews to build credibility and reliability over the brand. We initiated conversations with our audience and kept them engaged with great content and infographics. Later we worked to enhance the brand identity by creating images and text that refer to our theme brand language and reflect our vision.


We were able to scale the brand with good organic traffic of around 40%. Our PPC resulted in 60% conversions on the website. We were able to brand the website on social media and gain amazing followers as well.

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