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Skyhawk Press Llc Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

Anfield Shop Founders Josh and Alisha found themselves unable to find Official Liverpool gear in the Seattle area or North America. Eager to bridge the gap between dedicated fans and access to Official LFC merchandise, Josh and Alisha launched the Anfield Shop in 2010, with merely a dozen products in stock. Anfield Shop has rapidly become the trusted North American provider for all things LFC, and the Official LFC Store. Despite the expansion and growth, Alisha and the team have always made it their purpose-driven mission to maintain small business values. They decided to expand their brand to affiliate marketing and we were more than grateful to help them do so.


Anfield sales jerseys and t-shirts of Liverpool fan clubs already had great existing popularity. It wasn’t hard for us to market this brand on affiliate marketing platforms. We knew the brand is capable of generating high sales, however, it was important to connect with the right set of affiliate audiences and engage them consistently with the brand so that the brand continues to grow. It had very few competitors and it was crucial to stay on the top. The brand had a good digital presence but it was limited in terms of the affiliate market.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.

Gap Analysis

While studying the brand from the affiliate marketing perspective we found out that there is a huge potential for such products in the affiliate market. There were a few things that we needed to work on. One was to target the right set of keywords and tags that can bring us visibility. Another way to do the right branding and connect with Liverpool fans can easily boost the sales of the affiliate marketing program. To get affiliates good deals offers and commissions so that they are consistently motivated to choose Anfield over other merchants.

Optimization Of Account

In the first phase, it was important to optimize the account according to the market gas that we analyzed. We replaced the tags and keywords, added great pictures of the products, and completed all the details of the ShareAsale platform. Created an attractive program bio, activated automated emails, and added recruitment emails that can help us join more affiliates. We updated the data feed that gives easy access to their affiliates for all the products on our website. All these efforts boost divisibility by 40%.

Connecting With Affiliates

In the second phase, it was important to connect with the right affiliates. We made a list of top working affiliates in the clothing industry. Then we prioritize the affiliates who can market the Liverpool fan club t-shirts and jerseys exclusively. We gave them great offers, customized commissions and kept sending creative newsletters. We reminded them of any new deals that were going on the website and kept in constant touch for better communication. This motivated the affiliates to work harder and they increased our sales beyond expectations.

Engagement And Collaborations

Our team already managed to find out who are the top athletes in the industry and add them to our program. When they started bringing sales we made sure that we named the constant touch to solve any of their queries. In this process, we found many affiliates who were ready to collaborate on social media platforms as well as market products on the front side of the website. We make sure that we offer them the best commission in the industry and appreciate the work with emails and follow-ups. In force 2 months itself we could see the results and were on the list of one of the top affiliates in the industry


We continue to grow their project and brand on affiliate marketing platforms. With our efforts so far, we have managed to increase the clicks by 60% and sales by 70%. We have our merchant rank in the top 100.

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  • Clicks 4000+
  • Client Skyhawk Press LLC
  • Conversion Rate 6% & Higher
  • Location: USA
  • Sales: $32000+
  • Website: Anfieldshop.com

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