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Reinemere Bymegan Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

Reinemere Bymegan is a treat for Super-Moms. The ultralight design, soft fabric, and easy-to-carry design ergonomics make the Reine Mere diaper bags truly a luxury to spoil every tired mother with the best-in-class comfort bag. Variously sized pockets make travel super organized and provide the peace and ease of finding every baby’s essential right in its place. They decided to market their brand on affiliate marketing platforms. They had a presence on the ShareASale platform and wanted to expand the business there.


They already had an existing account on the Shareasale platform, they signed up and handed it over to us to manage. We managed the account for the initial months. The major challenge was that the website has only one product, so it was hard to attract new affiliates. It also was difficult to market only one product. However, we came up with a strategy that helped us boost the clicks and connect more affiliates to the business. The company had specific requirements for the same.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.

  • Optimized Account– We optimized all the accounts. We added keywords, automated emails, and logos that boosted our organic reach on the Shareasale platforms.
  • Recruit New Affiliates– As it was important to add new affiliates we approached top-performing affiliates of the industry and added them to the profile. We connected with them offering them the best commission of the industry and thus attracting them to join the brand on the platform.
  • Engage With High Working Performing Affiliates– We analysed and engaged with affiliates that were bringing maximum traffic/clicks to the website, collaborated with them by offering exclusive deals, and drove more engagement.
  • Adding Creatives– We added texts, images, offers, and deals that attracted the new affiliates and helped them market the products creatively on their website. This requires understanding the industry and creating all the details accordingly.
  • Creating Newsletter– We also added creative newsletters to engage with affiliates. We sent them details of text, images, offers, and coupons via newsletters. This keeps affiliates updated with current deals and in touch with other requirements.
  • Monitoring Regular Work– We monitor the progress of the platform on a weekly basis and see gradual progress in the clicks and affiliates joining the platform.


We continue to grow their project and brand on affiliate marketing platforms. With our efforts so far, we have managed to increase the clicks by 80% and sales by 30%. We marketed their project for only the initial month and the results were satisfactory.

Top Affiliates that we have worked with include,

  • Honey Science LLC
  • Skimbit Ltd
  • Demand.io
  • Hibye uhoh inc
  • Shantao inc

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  • Clicks 2500+
  • Location: USA
  • Website: www.reinemere-bymegan.com

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