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Protector Fire Safety – SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

Protector Fire Safety India P.Ltd is a leading distributor of personal protective equipment, Fire Safety Safety Products, Signages & many more in Ahmedabad. It was established in 1993 and has been involved in the manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of fire safety equipment in India since then. They offer a wide range of products such as personal protection, fire safety, road safety, safety signs & many more collections in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. They have expertise in fire safety training, audit, consulting & many more too.


The biggest challenge that we faced while optimizing the website was that there were too many products and all had to be displayed with proper categorization. Another challenge of the websites was to increase their online visibility and specifically improve their Google ranking in their local search results & local map listing ranking and call leads too.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


With in-depth website analysis, we ensured to suggest recommendations, and changes, that not only optimize their websites but also boost their traffic. We constantly focused on ways to rank Protector Firesafety on local pages through keyword strategies and PPC campaigns. We gradually built their online presence on social media applications as well. With all changes, we were able to set up the right goals and divert our pages to the right audience.

Local SEO

We optimized all the product pages, ensuring all the page titles and meta descriptions with relevant keywords that helped to implement internal linking across all the pages to enhance user experience. We introduced new content sections using information banners and added blogs with the right keywords, targeting a local audience of Ahmedabad city. The inclusion of optimized content created space for us to improve the conversion rate, more call inquiries, and local map listing ranking.


With the ideal audience demographic in mind, we started our PPC campaign (Google Ads) over various platforms with local targeting strategies. More than sales, brand visibility, traffic, and impressions were the main objectives. By refining the funnel audience targeting within the campaigns, we ensured that we were working with a wider pool of more relevant users who would see the ads. All this resulted in massive traffic and better conversions within the city.

Website Changes

On a weekly and monthly basis, we analyzed the website and kept on optimizing it from the users’ aspects. We only recommended changes that can impact the conversion rate, so every time a user lands on the page, we ensure that he has a seamless buying experience and does not bounce back from the site. All this helped in improving the session time of the website and thus positively impacted sales.

Social Media

We created a social media presence that helped in boosting traffic using blogs and various product promotions. It highly helped in engaging with industry-specific groups on Linkedin and Facebook such as construction brands, builders, and fire stations who frequently need their products. This expanded the reach and helped to create a buzz in Ahmedabad regarding the brand.

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  • Client Jignesh S
  • Location: India
  • Revenue 100%
  • Website: www.protectorfiresafety.com

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