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Premium Eyelash Brand – SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

This Premium Eyelash brand offers premium-quality materials and structure to design their lashes. They have a 250+ stylish range that includes lashes to suit every eye shape. Their collection includes everything from the fairy, Easi eyelashes to mink, luxury ones, and has options whether you want a lighter, natural finish or all-out glamour. Whatever your eye shape and wherever you’re heading, we’ve got the perfect lash style. They believe that everyone should have access to luxury cosmetics. That’s why their products are affordable, with various collections to suit every budget.


The company is a well-known brand in the UK. However, the brand struggled to stand out from its online competitors and national leaders. They had a large number of followers over Facebook and Instagram but expanding their reach on other platforms and improving their ranking on Google pages was a major challenge. We had to manage the marketing strategy such that it matched the demand for a digital presence and enhanced customer engagement on all the platforms. Along with increasing the traffic we additionally wanted to increase sales volume as well.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


By taking a more in-depth look at their existing audience and considering the top-performing content within the industry, we were able to steer the brand toward increasing engagement. We developed a strategy to retarget lapsed customers and to reach new audiences who are similar to their brand’s existing clientele. We audited their website, suggested changes that can impact SEO, and created campaigns that helped us in social media. We additionally started affiliate marketing to boost our engagement as well as sales.

Social Media

Apart from Instagram and Facebook, we established the brand identity on other social platforms, Like GMB, Pinterest, influencers, Tiktok, Snapchat, and Tumblr too. We created different creative campaigns and strategies that attract our targeted audience and boost overall engagement. We ensure that we collaborate with beauty influencers in order to form authenticity for our products and brand. This helped us in increasing the sales volume and better brand identity in the market.


To overcome the major challenge of ranking in search engines, we added SEO friendly content to optimize the web pages, by this our ranking was boosted by 20% in the initial months. Later we analysed top keywords for the industries and targeted them on various levels. We applied SEO techniques to gradually enhance the ranking, Like bookmark pages, backlinks, collaborative blogs, and more. We also made appearance changes on-site that reduced our bounce rate. We designed the flow of pages such that the user finds it easy to purchase and thus helped in increasing the sales volume.


We analyzed keywords used in the previous PPC Campaign, and most of them were found irrelevant. Through in-depth keyword research, we were able to find an effective selection of keywords for the PPC Campaign. Selective keywords were the first step toward success. We also focused on brand ads where we increased the number of advert copies and carefully designed the set of negative keywords for the same. Our search ads campaigns also proved to be successful as we optimized the campaign as per budget and desired return on marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

We have expertise in affiliate marketing of beauty products. Affiliate marketing is the way to reach out to both influencers and a wide audience in the industry. We started affiliate marketing via ShareASale & Webgains and within the first quarter, we saw a massive increase in the number of clicks, total affiliates, active affiliates, and sales. From the set-up process to creating texts and engaging with affiliates, we managed everything.

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