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Jewellery Brand Case Study SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

The Brand creates the jewellery around the penguin theme and they also give back to the Global Penguin Society. That means that a percentage of all their website sales go to charity so they can continue their fantastic work. The Jewellery is not just limited to penguin themes, you will see a variety of ocean-inspired jewellery including turtles, waves, and manta rays. They sell necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and much more. We know that their products are reliable and beautiful, and we can market them over digital platforms.


With the digital industry growing and becoming a busier platform they have begun to recognise SEO and PPC as a legitimate revenue sources. The brand knew that they have extremely good products and a well-known brand name. The only challenge was to establish a position in the market such that it can stand the competitors. They wanted to grab the attention of the audience and push sales too. As their products were ocean-inspired, it was important that we reach a suitable audience too.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


After analysing the Penguin jewellery brand we found that the target market for this is young females that are between 20 to 35 age group. We also understood that to market this kind of product it was important to use social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. For SEO and PPC we analysed the set of targeted keywords in the industry. All this helped to build strategies accordingly and receive a good ranking and boost sales as well.

Social Media

We knew that their products were quite attractive, so we focused on marketing our products on the pages to attract customers. We received higher engagement on Pinterest as compared to Facebook and Instagram. We started various campaigns that attract the right target audience and establish the brand image of being a penguin brand. We kept constant engagement with users and offered them different giveaways. This helped in spreading the buzz quickly and getting users to re-purchase the products as well.


To stand out in the market of jewellery it became crucial that we highlight the penguin keywords. We found what our audiences are looking for and accordingly, we choose to target the keywords. We applied the keyword technique to the website by manually optimizing each page, ensuring all pages optimally targeted high-converting keywords, and that all SEO elements followed Google’s best practices. This not only boosted our ranking but also increased the number of visitors to the website.


Our Paid Social and creative strategy team came together to build out our full-funnel approach. Using their existing assets & in-house creative resources, we consulted on how they should build their video creatives to convert into Facebook & Instagram Ads. We later also created attractive text ads and display ads for Google. For our chosen targeted keywords we received great ROI. This also helped them build a profitable & sustainable B2C business and connect with the right audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Initially, we did not receive any sales during the 1st 2 months but we got a great number of clicks and affiliates working for us. We did the gap analysis for the brand and found out that there is a very niche audience that buys this product. We shifted to new affiliates that can market the products directly. We soon started to receive orders and traffic gradually. Affiliate marketing proves to be quite successful in this industry.

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