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OPTIMIX is an ingenious software developed exclusively for melt shops that allow our customers to save money going into smoke. The software is developed based on Mathematical Programming that uses an algorithm to calculate Least Cost Charge Recipe possible with raw materials available in your foundry, for the given target chemistry for the desired metal grade.


Based on the initial domain analysis we figured out that our client had only a few true competitors but in its online competitive space he had many. After understanding our client’s SEO needs. We completely focused on these four key goals,

  • Increase new industry-specific website traffic
  • Increase potential leads
  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Increase the visibility of the product


The Optimix website has limited pages so, it became essential to precisely optimize each page with very explicit content and keywords. With our in-depth research, we helped clients to use the right targeted keywords in the content as well as made it easy for users to understand the flow of the website. We also developed the right social media strategy and added the best customer’s testimonials, which helped gain more users on the landing page.


We managed SEO to increase the total impression share by targeting exact enterprises audiences. It was crucial to keep local SEO best practices in mind, including content and keywords optimization. We also made sure to drive the most relevant traffic to the most relevant landing pages to increase engagement and conversions on the web. We ensure that we audit and optimize the pages on a monthly basis that increased the user's engagement on the page and thus, resulting in high potential leads. Soon we ranked on top pages of search engines for more than 6 business keywords in almost all locations.

Social media

With technical software it is difficult to get engagement on social media, however, it is still important. In the initial stage, it was difficult to communicate but slowly we worked on social media platforms, we found simple yet different ways to explain to the users about our services. We shared its benefits, customer feedback, and facts that can help them make decisions easily. We kept interacting with users on different stages which also helped us to spread the word easily. This also helped in receiving more clicks on landing pages and thus generating more leads.


Our initial focus was to drive organic traffic and ranking. Later We also added a Google Ads setup for Optimix to generate the potential call leads and lead form leads. We created campaigns that best described our service and targeted users on the right landing pages, which saved time and increased the authenticity of calls and leads that we receive. We eliminated all the irrelevant keywords and executed lead-form conversion tracking to optimize our campaign’s conversion rate. We didn't only save the cost per lead but also managed to get a higher rate of conversions as well.

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  • Increments in Leads 100%
  • Location: India
  • Website: Optimixsolution.com

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