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Masque Bar Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

Masque Bar offers face and body mask collections from Korea and around the world. They have various types of hydrating sheet masks and skincare products. They have pretty attractive and unique products like animal sheet face masks, glossy box subscription boxes, and other skincare products. They have a great digital presence on different E-Commerce platforms. However, they wanted to expand the brand on affiliate marketing platforms as well. To do so we recognise that brands study the challenges and continue to help them in their affiliate marketing.


Masque Bar wanted to expand its marketing through affiliate marketing platforms. They had all beauty products related to face and cosmetics. The major challenge was to create a specific brand identity and market the products such that it reaches the maximum audience in less time. Another challenge that we faced was to establish trust in the affiliates as the skincare industry works on reference and high-quality products. We also ensured that the mask bar manages to stand out in the competitive market on affiliate marketing platforms.

Gap Analysis

On auditing the brand we figured out strategies that can help us expand affiliate marketing easily. Considering all the industries we created a specific gap analysis for a domain. This included all the details like which age group we should target, which locations can bring us maximum sales, what high-volume keywords we should focus on, as well as the correct category we should select for an affiliate marketing program. We also had an in-depth understanding of how the industry is using brand creatives to attract the audience and we created a strategy that aligns with the standards.

Optimization Of Account

We set up their account on an affiliate marketing program called Shareasale. We ensure that all the details are correct and information aligns with the branding of the company. We also pay attention to details like automated emails monitoring keywords forming groups tagging affiliates adding brand logos all these things help to differentiate a brand from the competitors. Initially, all these activities help to gain organic traffic and join new affiliates on the platform.

Connect With Affiliates

When doing affiliate marketing for the beauty industry the best strategy is to collaborate with influencers. Be targeted at best-performing influencers who can market a product and establish reliability in the audience. This strategy benefits in two ways: one it gets us organic traffic and second, it also encourages other affiliates to join the program. We also connected with affiliates who have websites that offer deals and discounts. We work closely with them by providing them with exclusive deals for their website and encouraging them to get more sales for a higher commission. As products are of good quality we also gained a lot of affiliates through organic search results.

Adding Creatives

As this industry targeted women our text in creatives needed to be attractive and easy to understand. We created attractive banners and text that highlight information to the consumers and attract a wider audience.

Establishing Relationships

Connecting with affiliates is sometimes not enough. It is also important to establish great relationships with them. We communicated with various affiliates to understand their needs and requirements then accordingly strategists are resources to provide them. Through this, they prioritized our brand over other competitors and we were able to lead the company and affiliate marketing platforms easily.

Driving clicks and sales

Without successful campaigns and affiliate marketing strategies, we got results that were beyond expectations. The progress of gaining clicks and sales was slow but highly effective in the long run. We managed to increase the traffic and clicks by 70% and sales by 35%. We still work for the client on a monthly basis and have a tremendous response on the platform as well.

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  • Clicks 2500+
  • Location: Canada
  • Website: Masque.bar

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