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Made to Measure Windows Blinds Brand – SEO, Social and PPC Case Study

About Client

The window blinds are well-known for manufacturing and supplying beautiful, bespoke window blinds. You can simply enter your measurements into their website and get to work creating your items. They use only the finest components and materials to make sure our products are of the highest quality. With over 10+ years in the made to measure survey and install industry, the founders decided to branch out into the online supply only market – so that would provide our expertise in the market to those of you who want to just do it yourself. We took their digital marketing project from last 1 year and mainly focused on SEO and PPC marketing.


The brand was quite well known in the offline market, however, they wanted to create an online presence that could grow their company as a whole. They had various objectives regarding the website and thus it was important to find a strategy that serves all the purposes.

Here are the following challenges that the company had.

  • To establish awareness of the company on the digital platform.
  • To have a better ranking on famous search engines.
  • To drive more clicks and sales on the website using PPC campaigns.
  • To scale the brand among competitors of the company.


To begin with the projects, we analyzed the current data and strategized accordingly. We noticed that the website had lots of changes in the website which we need to do for the optimisation. We also noticed how the currently paid marketing ads are working using the Google tools. We walked Don SEO strategies that can help to improve the ranking. To do all these things we created a team of 5 members and divided the work according to the skills. In five aspects to complete the objective is to build awareness to work on keywords and ranking to optimize the website in order to increase the clicks on landing pages and to compete with the competitors of the industry.

Optimization of the website

To begin with any SEO project it is important that the website is completely optimized giving the users a seamless experience. We worked on attractive banners of the website, added relevant content in the homepage and other service pages ensured that there are no bugs on the website and it is easy for the user to understand and reach the landing page. We also updated meta titles and meta tags for all the service pages and product pages that helped to boost our ranking in the search engine results. We highlighted various brands that were most searched and also gave customers an easy option to customize their curtains which instantly increased the user's page time on the website.

Ongoing SEO

SEO services were the major part of our digital marketing strategy. As the first step, we created a list of high volume keywords on which we can rank. Incorporated Dosti words in the website, meta titles, and blogs that helped to boost our website on search engines. While doing SEO we targeted various locations from where we received high traffic and tried to maximize the reach using location-related keywords. The second phase is focused on link building, connecting to relevant industries online and in the local community. The backlink profile of a website is a significant ranking factor and using a targeted link building strategy is effective for improving brand authority, user trust and page rankings.

Google Ads

The client’s premiere product had its own campaign from the beginning, but it was time to refine the campaign and improve its CTR. The more relevant an Ad is to a user’s search, the more likely that user is to click through. We took our client’s campaign and expanded it from three Ad groups to six. By making the Ads relate more to specific keywords, the click-through rates started improving immediately. Targeted Ad groups, focusing on particular aspects of this company’s blinds, provided a much higher CTR. As the CTR improved, Google rewarded our client by lowering the CPC. These efforts increased calls and clicks to the landing pages and results were beyond satisfactory


The result is an increase in not only page rankings but in the number of pages appearing in the search results, which increases organic traffic. Through our SEO and technical strategy, we significantly increased the Blinds market share in the window coverings market over time. In the last 8 months, our strategies and consistent SEO efforts have resulted in a 50% growth in organic traffic.

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  • Ranking Growth: 60%
  • Sales: 30%
  • Traffic 50%
  • Website: Confidential*

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