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iCast Foundry Erp – SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

Unlike other solutions, iCast is developed exclusively for the foundry industry and not another “modified for foundry” software. Their software solutions are for foundry industries, iCast is developed under the consultation of leading foundrymen, foundry professionals, and management consultants. It has been successfully implemented and working in various foundries.


iCast ERP being a pioneer in its sector was still failing to achieve visibility in search engine results pages for key terms iCast software solutions are for foundry industries and to drive business all they need is qualitative leads that they can convert for their business. So our primary objective was to increase search engine rankings for landing pages and consequently drive more organic traffic to the site as a result. We also had to improve engagement with customers, through social media in order to dive into more reliable leads.


As the website is small and has limited web pages it was important to highly optimize each page with very specific content and keywords. We ensured that the user gets a seamless experience after landing on the website by optimizing its flow and keeping it short and crisp for ease of understanding. We also developed the right social media strategy that engages the audience and reflects its brand identity on the social media platform.


By centralizing the keyword research and tracking we also understood the competitive landscape of search in the software space using various competitive analysis tools. With targeting specific industries and audiences, it was critical to keep local SEO best practices in mind, including content and keyword optimization. Site Audit was used regularly to report any errors immediately, this ensured a reduction in bounce rate. All this not only boosted traffic on the website but also improved ranking in search results as well as generated more leads than before.

Social media

No matter how technical your software is, it is still important to have a social media page to interact and build trust among your users. In the initial stage, it was difficult to communicate but with gradual work on social media platforms, we found simple yet creative ways to explain to the users about our services. We shared its benefits, customer feedback, and facts that can help them make decisions easily. This also helped in receiving more clicks on landing pages and thus generating more leads.


Our primary focus was to drive organic traffic and ranking, however, we did Google Ads for iCast to generate the potential call leads and lead form leads. We ran the campaign by creating a dynamic landing page, and optimizing the ad groups. We also eliminated all the irrelevant keywords and implemented web-form conversion tracking to improve the campaign’s conversion rate. We didn’t only reduce the cost per lead but also improved the quality of conversions.

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  • Conversion Rate 5%
  • Website: IcastERP.com

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