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GOODWINXXII Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

GOODWINXXII is an accessories house offering bold and sassy essentials that are artfully designed, meticulously crafted, and imbued with luxury. Their handbags showcase sumptuous leather and charismatic hardware, uniting European chic with edgy urban glamour. Goodwin is a name synonymous with virtue, truth, and living a life that’s meaningful. XXII is a master number in numerology — the leading architect, the expert builder. GOODWINXXII is for the fearless, focused woman that’s actively building the life of her dreams.


The major challenge for the brand was to create a presence in affiliate marketing platforms. They wanted to expand their company to affiliates and drive a great number of clicks and affiliates to the website. The challenge was to stand out in the competitive market as bags and jewellery is the top industries in affiliate marketing platforms. Their goal was specific and limited to gaining clicks at the initial stage only.


On analyzing the brand in the competitive market we understood that this industry requires a great amount of effort in terms of keyword research creatives and affiliates in order to succeed. So we went forward in stages, starting from finding the right keywords, and audience base and making strategies accordingly on how to market images in the text on these platforms.

Set Up Account

We set up their account on an affiliate marketing program called Shareasale. We ensure that all the details are correct and information aligns with the branding of the company. We also pay attention to details like automated emails, monitoring keywords, forming groups, tagging affiliates, and adding brand logos. All these things help to differentiate a brand from its competitors. Initially, all these activities help to gain organic traffic and join new affiliates on the platform.

Connect With Affiliates

For connecting the right affiliates we targeted industry top-performing affiliates and sent them the request to join GOODWINXXII. We approached them with the industry’s highest commission rate and offered them great support as an affiliate marketing team. We got great numbers of affiliates joining our platform and thus clicks and sales increased simultaneously. We also collaborated with them by providing them with a great number of offers and deals related to the company that attracted more customers to their website as well. We also added creatives like attractive text, and banners, that attracted many affiliates to join the program.


The primary goal for any company is to drive a great number of clicks and affiliates to the website and with the specific goal, we did their project for 1 month and were successfully able to do so. We increased the clicks by 80% and added 100+ affiliates to the platform for further engagement.

Top Affiliates that we have worked with include,

  • Honey Science LLC
  • Sovrn Commerce
  • ibee software solutions inc
  • Demand.io
  • Hibye uhoh inc

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  • Clicks 600+
  • Location: USA
  • Website: Goodwinxxii.com

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