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Dr Medic – SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

Dr Medic. was born out of that need, and they have been working to provide you with the best equipment ever since. The Best Masks — Guaranteed*. They set out to start creating their own KN95 face masks. They took some time, and they eventually discovered some places that prided themselves on their excellent and honest work. Knowing that they shared a common goal–they began to sell the best PPE. We started their digital marketing from scratch and ensured to establish their presence on all the platforms.


Since the company was new and launched at a crucial time it was important to market the product sensitively and strategically. Our main challenge was to build awareness of the brand and gain their trust in such a way that they can buy our products. Another challenge that we had in terms of the company was to create proper branding and engage with the audience that is using our products. We wanted to win clients’ trust and stand out in the competitive market of the PPE industry. We sure got the first-mover advantage, but there was a lot that needed to be done.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


After looking into the details of the company we found that for people spending all of their time at home, online activity was booming (including a 75% or more increase in Facebook usage). We knew that there were a few things that we had to prioritize like to reach new and potential customers in the USA. We also wanted to focus on increasing the awareness of the brand and products among the target market and lastly, we wanted to generate online sales of fabric face masks. From creating a strong social media presence to optimizing the website and content we ensured our plan had the holistic approach of building an online brand.

Social Media

One of our primary goals was to broaden the audience and acquire new customers in different segments. With this in mind, we ensured that we start with informative campaigns and promotion oriented posts. We started adding information from reliable sites and gained their trust in the product. The creatives were designed such that it reflects our branding. We also began to establish connections with the audience and boost engagement. We spread the word about Dr. Medic on all famous platforms and also received considerable sales on sites via social media.


To scale the campaigns of a face mask, which is a bit difficult for most traffic sources, we decided to move on to digital channels and heavily invested in SEO. We initially focused on keywords that have high search volume for the industry. We later worked on optimization of the website and pages regarding those keywords. Blogging was also a strong space where we implemented all our SEO techniques. We also worked on backlinks and internal linking of the pages that helped in ranking our website on the search engines. These efforts drove substantial growth in addition to high traffic and revenue.

Affiliate marketing

We started affiliate marketing for Dr Medic. Here it was important to connect with the affiliates and market the product via people whom our audience can trust. We choose Shareasale, Webgains as affiliate marketing platforms and set up the profile according to that. Due to our previous connections with top working affiliates, we got a quick response on high clicks and sales. We, later on, took over the opportunity and gave great offers, and commissions that boosted our overall engagement. This was a huge success for our client and us.


We started PPC campaigns on all the platforms such as Facebook marketing, Google marketing, and Native ads, as well as building and managing affiliate marketing platforms. This captured the attention of both younger people between 30 and 50 years and the same older generation. At a certain point, it felt like everyone was selling face masks. Regardless of this serious competition, our campaign pushed the traffic to the top of the funnel, achieved a stable sales cycle, and gave consistent ROI on our ads spent.

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  • Client Dr Medic
  • Location: USA
  • Ranking Growth: 25%
  • Revenue 350%
  • Website: Drmedic.com

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