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CZUR – Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

CZUR Tech is an innovative company & they are committed to developing smart new office products, integrating software, hardware, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cloud services into one seamless operation. CZUR Tech’s continuous emphasis on research and development resulted in a new portable book scanner called Aura which received worldwide attention and won several top awards in the launch year 2018.

CZUR has now been sold throughout the world and received strong approval across the demographic spectrum. It has also been favorably reviewed by professionals in the book-scanning world. 1 year ago they decided to expand the sales in affiliate marketing. Despite several efforts, they did not have many sales when 6 months ago they associated with our agency, we helped them and the results were beyond satisfactory.


CZUR is a famous brand, well known for high-quality scanners, like Aura Scanner. Aura’s success already resulted in us raising over three million US dollars through various crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo US, Wadiz Korea, and Makuake Japan. The real challenge was to market the products via an affiliate marketing platform on ShareAsale. Though they were on ShareAsale for the last 1 year, they didn’t receive any major sales or clicks. So, for us, it was challenging to find out the right target audience and affiliates. We somewhere had to start from scratch. We took up this project and strategized to do so.


Here are the following things we did in order to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.

Gap Analysis

As they were on Shareasale but didn’t receive any sales, it was important to understand the gap analysis of how things were working with them. We did some research in the industry and found that there were many competitors of the same products, features, and quality of our products were better. We started to focus in that direction. We also analyzed who are top working affiliates and connected with them. We found an analysis of what sort of text, keywords, and offers would work for CZUR.

Optimized Accounts and Connect With Affiliates

As we received the account access we strategically optimized it. Starting from scratch we added the right keywords, logos of various sizes, attractive creatives, and offers that boost the visibility. We assisted them to create content and re-optimize tags and banners for each of these to maximize the ROI. We initially focused on driving clicks and later by connecting with top working affiliates, we boosted the sales of the brand. We soon made week-on-week progress in terms of the overall performance of the brand on ShareASale.

Outreach Affiliates For Sales

The main objective was to re-engage with affiliates such that they drive us clicks and sales. We already had 70+ affiliates but most of that was in-active. We tried to communicate by offering them new deals, and commission structures that made them work for CZUR in a better way. We ensured the constant creation of new content, newsletters, and emails, and kept in touch with high-working affiliates. Gradually we started receiving clicks + sales on the desired level from the top affiliates. We also managed to create a brand identity in the affiliate marketing space.


With CZUR, we were successful in increasing the clicks by 65% and sales by 70% in the first 3 months. We had consistent growth in clicks and sales thereafter. We also increased their affiliates that joined the program by 3X. Right now almost after 6 months, they are one of the top sellers in their industry. With our efforts and right strategies, we were able to get great success in the first quarter, and to top all of it, the client was more than satisfied with the results.

Top Affiliates that we have worked with include,

  • Honey
  • Demand.io
  • liopoulos Panagiotis
  • Xiaodan Peng
  • Sheldon Gray
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  • Clicks 6500+
  • Client CZUR Tech
  • Conversion Rate 5% & Higher
  • Location: USA
  • Sales: $12500+
  • Website: Czur.com

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