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Cosmetics Brand – SEO, PPC, Social & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

The new premium cosmetic brand has been offering outstanding beauty & personal care products that are on par with major brands in the market— supported by their vital R&D facilities and teams, along with their extensive experience in the market. It is a female owned and operated company with a desire to promote diversity and inclusivity within the cosmetics industry. Their products are carefully created and selected using the highest quality ingredients and hypoallergenic properties to ensure compatibility with a wide range of skin tones and types.


When the company launched its newest line of cosmetic products, it came up with attention-grabbing creatives to activate brand followers and stand out in the community. When the company approached us, they needed a way to leverage these creatives to generate product awareness and drive shoppers to both social media & their own website to buy the new product. We started creating an integrated marketing strategy to enhance engagement and adoption of the new product into the marketplace. We also managed to build a brand on affiliate marketing platforms.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


As it is a competitive industry it was very important to understand how we can stand out in the marketing of cosmetics products. The primary objective was to establish multi-channel digital presences and offer a consistent brand experience to the customers on the web. We wanted to create awareness and sales simultaneously on the platforms. We started our planning by building their website, social media, Google My Business, and other digital channels for the company gradually. We also did pay marketing and affiliate marketing as these products were found to have massive demand over these mediums.

Social Media

When it comes to the cosmetics industry, it is quite necessary to have a social presence. On Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, there are 100s of influencers who have the capability of bringing targeted audiences as well as loyal customers to the websites. We started different campaigns that attract the right set of people and establish the brand image of being a premium cosmetic product. We kept constant engagement with users and offered them different giveaways. This helped in spreading the buzz quickly and getting users to re-purchase the products as well.


With Cosmetic Brand, Our target audience was quite clear, females of age 16+. We started by performing keyword research to assure each page on the website was targeting relevant search queries used by conceivable customers. We developed a keyword strategy based on search demand for relevant terms like makeup/brushes/lashes and measured its competitiveness. We applied the keyword technique to the website by manually optimizing each page, ensuring all pages optimally targeted high-converting keywords, and that all SEO elements followed Google’s best practices.

Content Marketing

When reanalyzing the marketing funnel, top of funnel awareness-based content is often overlooked by brands. As a beauty brand, we knew content can be a powerful tool to attract a wide audience, as well as it sure helps in the process of SEO and page ranking. We started creating content that gets clicks for topically targeted terms that helped boost the rankings of related product pages. We also incorporated internal links that helped boost rankings. This content type helped the customers to make purchase decisions and learn about specific products.

Affiliate Marketing

We have expertise in affiliate marketing of beauty products. We combined affiliation and Influencer Marketing to boost their performance. We collaborated with top-performing affiliates of ShareASale to boost the brand on three levels, traffic, engagement, and sales. We later published an attractive newsletter along with constant new banners and text that attracted the new affiliates to join our program. By the end of the first month itself, we could see massive results in the traffic and sales of the website.

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