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Chill Boys – Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

Chill Boys is well known for its men’s boxers. They source the most comfortable, high-performance, and eco-friendly fabrics that they could find and the results are outstanding. They are real guys on a mission to make everyday life more comfortable and fashionable.

Chill Boys Boxers have quickly won the hearts of thousands of super satisfied customers who have come back for more and even refer their friends. Their goal is to make every day feel like Saturday morning at the lake, cool, calm, and relaxed for all men out there.


Chill Boys is a premium brand for men’s boxers, pants, and other garments. They ensure that customers get the most comfortable and get high-quality fabric. They approached us to set up their affiliate marketing program on Shareasale. Their goal was divided into three phases for their brand & wanted to spread awareness, secondly, they wanted proper branding for their company and the third was to drive maximum sales. We have created their customized strategy and worked accordingly to achieve quick results.


Here are the following things we did in order to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.

Gap Analysis

To begin with, we started with our discovery process to learn about their business goals, primary competitors, and more. We analyzed the competitive domains to learn about the marketing positioning and top-performing content of our largest competitors. We found out who are the top affiliates in the industry and linked with them on priority. We derived data on types of branding done for this category and created our strategy accordingly.

Set Up an Account and Connect With Affiliates

As in the second stage, we set up their account on ShareASale with all the details. We ensured that all forms of communication with affiliates like mail, policy, text creative, and tags are filled in properly. We helped them create content and re-optimise tags and banners for each of these to maximize the ROI. We initially focused on driving clicks with the latest offers and deals and attracting new affiliates by giving them bonuses and commissions on sales.

Outreach Affiliates For Sales

The primary objective of affiliate marketing was to engage with an audience in a way that relates to products beyond their usage and thus converts to sales. We ensured the constant creation of new content, newsletters, and emails, and kept in touch with high working affiliates. We created exclusive high converting offers and links that lead to high clicks and great sales results at just the end of the first month. The brand received its true identity in the affiliate marketing space.


With Chill Boys, we were able to see substantial growth through the affiliate program that we put together for them. They witnessed clicks increase by about 70% & sales increased by 100% just in 2 months of work. The great news is that we have produced 100% sales progress in the 3rd month too. So, during our 3 months project, we have scaled up brand sales by 110% (i.e. $0 To $5200) & traffic by 150%.

Top Affiliates that we have worked with include,

  • Honey
  • Trimax
  • Skimlinks
  • My Bargain Buddy
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  • Clicks 3500+
  • Client Chilly Boys
  • Conversion Rate ~4% & Higher
  • Location: USA
  • Sales: $5200+
  • Website: Chillboys.com

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