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ChefsTemp Shareasale Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

The Chefstemp offers a Final Touch X10 meat & steak cooking thermometer, which is the best way to ensure your food is cooked with an accurate temperature reading and ease-of-use functionality. The advanced technology of our professional-grade meat thermometer has been engineered to enhance the way you cook. They wanted to market their products on affiliate marketing platforms like Shareasale and thus handed us the account for its growth and management.


ChefsTemp created their account on share sell and wanted us to manage the count and grow the clicks and affiliates simultaneously. Initially, they just wanted us to do their newsletter marketing through an affiliate marketing platform but later when I was satisfied with her work they gave us the entire management. The challenge was to meet specific goals and objectives in a very short time of the project. They wanted to attract B2B customers and an audience that is interested in the product.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.

  • Send Newsletters – As mentioned we initially marketed the newsletters for the initial period. Through these strategies our newsletters such that it reaches the right affiliates and audience attracting more clicks to the account. We ensure that our newsletters are creative and aligned with the branding of the company. We sent out newsletters testing different times and products which gave us the entire background of how things can work in the best way for the business.
  • Optimized Account– They were satisfied with the newsletter work and handed over the management of the account. Before we can start with full-fledged marketing we have decided to optimize the account with the best techniques. We optimized all the accounts. We added keywords, automated emails, and logos that boosted our organic reach on the Shareasale platforms.
  • Recruit New Affiliates– We started recruiting new affiliates to the account by analyzing the top-performing affiliates in the industry and approaching them via mail offers and deals.
  • Engage With High Working Performing Affiliates– as per the strategy, in the second stage, we engaged with affiliates in order to reach the right audience and gain better clicks.
  • Adding Creatives– We added texts, images, offers, and deals that attracted the new affiliates and helped them market the products creatively on their website. This requires understanding the industry and creating all the details accordingly.
  • Monitoring – We monitor the progress of the platform on a weekly basis and see gradual progress in terms of clicks, new affiliates & sales too.


We currently manage their account but in the last two months, there have been considerable clicks and affiliates who have joined the program. There is an increase of 65% clicks to the website and the addition of new hundred affiliates in the last 2 months.

Top Affiliates that we have worked with include,

  • Justin C Neufeld
  • A Matter OF Taste LLC
  • Shareasaleaffnl@rmn.com
  • Digidip GmbH
  • FMTC (For Me To Coupon)
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  • Clicks 2500+
  • Location: USA
  • Sales: $1000+
  • Website: www.chefstemp.com

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