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Cable Retailer & Wholesaler – Affiliate Marketing Case Study

About Client

They are a leading online cable retailer offering the best cable products and professional quality cable solutions for customers and businesses large and small across a wide range of industries. No matter your need, you’re certain to find exactly what you are looking for in our comprehensive selection of cables including but not limited to; fiber optic cables, power cords, Outdoor Power Cords. and Bulk Networking Cables. They had a presence in the affiliate marketing industry for more than a year but struggled to gain high sales. We managed their affiliate accounts and the results proved too great.


The challenge was to market the product to the right audience. Fiber optic cables are mostly sold in the B2B market. It was important to find such affiliates that can work for us. Another challenge was to stand out from the competitors as this production is common and can be bought from any website. Though this was a well-known website it was still important to establish trust among affiliates. Their primary objective was to expand the sales using affiliate marketing programs and we had to work accordingly.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.

  • Gap Analysis- The cable brand had an affiliate marketing presence for the last year but they did not get the sales they were expecting. When we took over the management we decided to analyze the market and the platform for the brand before we start. We found out that there was no engagement with affiliates and branding was done incorrectly as per the industrial standards. We created a strategy accordingly and went forward.
  • Optimization Of Account- As for the first step, we optimized their affiliate marketing account as per the industry standards. We added new keywords, automated emails, program bio, and logos of various sizes, form groups for different types of affiliates, worked on the right commission rates, optimizing Shareasale policies, and added all the details that are necessary to expand the program.
  • Recruit New Affiliates- The platform already had existing top affiliates however many of them were not active for the brand. We communicated with them and tried to find their new active accounts and recruited them for the same. We also added other new affiliates that we found potential for the business.
  • Engage With High Working Performing Affiliates- To boost sales it was important that we engaged with the affiliates and provide them with the required help. We communicated with them constantly using newsletters and emails which made it easier for them to market our products.
  • Adding Creatives- We added new creatives every week like text images, offers, and deals. Thus attracting both new and old affiliates to market products and engage with their audience.
  • Monitoring Regular Work- We monitor the progress of the platform on a weekly basis and see gradual progress in the clicks and affiliates joining the platform. We also provided higher commissions to affiliates who worked the best.


With all the efforts we were able to add more than a hundred affiliates to the program, clicks increased by 70% and we started receiving $1000 + sales on average on a daily basis. The client was very satisfied with the efforts and this was one of the best affiliate marketing projects.

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