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Brookwood Medical – SEO & Digital Marketing Case Study

About Client

Brookwood Medical is a US-based company located in Bedminster, New Jersey. They are an authorized provider of Personal Protection Equipment like face masks, thermometers, and filters to hospitals, municipalities, government agencies, and private businesses of all sizes and scales. They take pride in their exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and industry-best pricing. With the Growing pandemic, it was important to stand as a reliable brand and Brookwood Medical proved to be that.


While the Pandemic was at its peak and physical stores were closed or restricted, the competition in the online retail space was fierce. However, Brookwood Medical Managed to start a strong chain of supplying online face masks. The challenge was to build trust among a large audience in the shortest time possible to start the bigger traffic and sales. It was important to build brand awareness and engage with the audience rather than just pushing them to buy the products. With our strategies and constant effort, we were able to achieve our goals.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


It was very important to understand the physiology of customers before marketing such a product. It was going to be tough to build a repo with customers for a product that they were majorly supposed to use for the first time. We analyzed the website and decided to display the best products with their features, details, and the right guidance to use. We also decided to build a social media presence where we can create awareness about the products and provide reliable information about the virus. All this gave us an initial push to take forward our strategy and build the right branding.


With our PPC campaign strategy, we are assured to keep costs as low as possible and reach the maximum potential buyers using them. We utilized simple copy and creativity that communicated the key messages of safety, the importance of hygiene, and ensuring quality and sustainability. The campaign primarily targeted shoppers, who had an interest in supporting small businesses. We also targeted existing customers and created Lookalike audiences based on previously successful campaigns. All this resulted in great ROI, helped reach a great pool of audience fast and boost our sales.

Social Media

Preferences and utilization of Social Media have changed so much since the Coronavirus pandemic happened. At that time and even today, the message to use facemasks reached millions via social media platforms. Our main aim was to reach out to our audience with not just the right products but also with the right information regarding covid-19. We started a campaign where we constantly interacted with our audience regarding safety measures, positivity, and clarifying their myths about covid-19. All this gave a boost to our branding and created a buzz with strong shareable content.


With the balance of on-page and off-page SEO Tactics, we were able to boost the brand visibility in maximum search queries. While staying at home during the pandemic people started buying things related to protection like masks, gloves, etc. on online platforms, so it gradually became easy to sell them through websites. With the right set of keyword research, we were visible in top-search results and reached the right set of audiences. With top searched blogs, meta-text, and meta description we ensured complete optimization of website pages as well.

Affiliate Marketing

To reach the maximum audience we decided to build a fast and reliable network through our resources. With the help of ShareASale, Webgains.com platform, we connected the highest converting affiliates to boost our sales. We regularly guided them on how they can maximize this opportunity to drive sales and earn the highest commission using our website. We also well planned our creatives, campaigns, offers, and coupons that ensured they get full support from our side to promote the brand. Within the initial few months itself we saw massive growth in sales and ROI of the company.

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  • Client Brookwood Medical
  • Location: USA
  • Revenue 500%
  • Website: www.brookwoodmed.com

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