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Importance of Google Ads In SEO & Digital Marketing Techniques

A website is still relevant in 2022 when the percentage of online users is on the rise. It is pretty much the digital era with more people preferring to use the Internet from their laptops, smartphones, and tablets than ever before.

In fact, it is a must for all businesses to have an eCommerce store or mobile app to sell online. eCommerce stores are still crucial for any firm to remain competitive as is the need for digital marketing. There are several techniques one can use however, Google Ads is one of the most effective methods of gaining an upper edge, as explained in this article.

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Importance of Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing continues to play a vital role in the digital world of eCommerce websites and Mobile App Stores. Here are a few statistics that suggest the same: 

  • Over 1.66 Billion people shop online every year. 
  • 74% of the conversion rate optimization strategies help increase sales. 
  • 72% of online marketers consider content creation to be the most effective strategy. 
  • Google receives over 77000 searches per second. 
  • Google Ads is the biggest provider of search advertising on the market 

Google Ads Guide

As the name suggests is the advertising platform by Google for ads on one of the most popular search engines, Google.com. They have also partnered with various other sites and apps with the aim of benefiting other businesses. It helps all businesses to choose the right solutions for their needs, making it even easier for them to deliver valuable, trustworthy ads and offer the best experiences for existing and potential customers.

Benefits of Google Ads 

There are many methods of advertising however, with the constant rise in the usage of electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs, digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing like billboards or printed ads. Businesses now have a wide range of digital marketing strategies at their disposal to ensure they get their message to the consumers. Some of the popular digital marketing strategies include content marketing, PPC, SEO, and many more. Here are some of the benefits of using Google Ads:

  • Ads on Google have massive potential and exposure. 
  • It is simpler to target a specific demographic of people. 
  • It allows a great deal of flexibility and full control over every marketing campaign. 
  • One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it is more affordable. The added advantage of opting for this is that businesses have flexibility in the amount they wish to spend. 
  • This is the fastest way to gain good results as well, build brand awareness and get good conversions.  
  • One can gain a better ROI by opting for this strategy.  
  • The ad results and report formats are very simple and easy for a business to decipher.  

Tips To Sell More With Google Ads 

  • Define your main objectives from the very beginning.  
  • It is vital you spend some time finding the best products or services to focus on for your advertising campaign. 
  • The key to being successful at this is to spend some time developing a strategy and researching the areas that can offer a good ROI. 
  • Keyword selection is critical to the success of your campaign. Keyword selection must be done wisely. 
  • Choose up to 20 keywords per ad group to optimize the campaign.
  • Ensure that the structure of your Ad matches that of your site. An ad should be associated with 1 URL and 1 request page. 
  • First impression matters and an ad happens to be the first means of contact between your company and the potential customers. An effective ad will have the keywords in the title, including special “Call-to-action” elements, along with contact information. 
  • It is vital you define your objectives first since an ad can serve many purposes. Some of the common reasons to place an ad like this include launching a new product, liquidating unsold items, maximize a sale.   
  • The timing and placement of the ads are vital to your strategy as well. The ads should ideally target a specific geographic location and time for them to be more effective. 
  • One of the biggest advantages of a Google Ad campaign is that it is possible to monitor how effective your ad is. It is also simple to calculate the ROI. It allows you to calculate the conversion rate, cost per click, and quality score.
  • Actively optimizing your ad is key to success. This can be done by releasing different ads with the same keywords and finding which has the most clicks, rate and quality score. by keeping only the most effective ad you can optimize your ad spending. 
  • Tweak your website with the help of Google Analytics data since this will give you a very good idea of what the customers are looking for. 

How Can a Digital Marketing Agency Help?  

The experts are aware of the latest strategies and trends. These are also professionals you can rely on who make use of advanced tools and constantly monitor the success of your marketing campaign. Gandhi Technoweb Solutions offer many digital marketing services. We offer a wide range of digital marketing solutions including help with Google Ads. Get in touch with us for the best Ad strategy. We have completed over 100 projects and have a 95% customer retention rate. 

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A digital marketing agency like Gandhi Technoweb Solutions has the means to develop the best strategy for your business and has knowledge of the types of Google Ads. We also have the expertise to create the best Google Ads campaign which if implemented in the right way is more effective than you can imagine.

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