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Difference Between Social Media Marketing & Traditional Marketing?

Almost every firm with a product or service to sell requires some type of marketing plan to gain the upper edge and gain the attention of the right type of people for a marketing strategy. Some of the popular marketing strategies include traditional marketing like placing ads on billboards and other more modern methods influenced by digital transformation like Google ads. 

It is the digital era, hence having strategies for digital marketing is the logical solution; in fact, it is also more economical. There are several types of digital marketing like PPC, social marketing, content marketing, etc. This article explains the difference between traditional and social marketing.     

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What is Digital Marketing?   

In layman’s terms, digital marketing is all types of marketing that utilizes the digital format. This includes TV, Websites, social media, Radio, etc. Since it is the digital era where a high percentage of people are using the Internet, digital marketing makes perfect sense. There are more people than ever using smartphones and laptops to access the Internet. Digital marketing techniques like social media marketing and content marketing are highly popular.   

What is Traditional Marketing?  

As the name suggests, traditional marketing is a type of marketing that was very popular in the past. This type of marketing is still in use by several firms; however, not as popular as digital marketing. This includes marketing techniques like billboards, printed media, flyers, etc.    

Difference Between Traditional & Social Marketing  

  • Traditional marketing techniques like billboards and TV ads are simple to understand and entertaining at times. 
  • Online ads like those on social media are also well designed, and there is no restriction when it comes to creativity; besides which, since they are on a mobile device or PC, they are also attention-grabbing. 
  • A high percentage of people watch television, and billboards can be placed at vantage locations, thus, providing good exposure to any advertisement. 
  • It is simpler to target the relevant audience if you place your ads on social media, thus ensuring maximum exposure to the right demographic. 
  • The ads in printed media are also viewed by the masses like those in newspapers and magazines, besides which they persist for a long time to come and have multiple readers.  
  • Digital marketing clean work out is more cost-effective by opting for the appropriate strategy and ensuring it is viewed only by the relevant audience. On the other hand, the cost of a traditional marketing campaign can be exorbitant, especially if opting to place it in an expensive magazine.  
  • A billboard ad or TV commercial often creates a lasting impression on our minds. 
  • There are many techniques one can use to measure the success of a social media marketing campaign however; this is not the case with traditional marketing.   
  • Ads on social media are interactive and something users can share easily, unlike other types of ads. 
  • A high percentage of people use the Internet since it is the digital era; making the digital platform the ideal choice for many types of businesses.   

Here are a few statistics to help understand the difference between the two popular marketing strategies better:  

  • There are 3.96 billion social media users as of January 2022.  
  • The average user browsers at least 7 social media platforms every month.  
  • The average time spent on social media platforms by adults is 95 minutes.  
  • Facebook has over 10 million active advertisers.   

Benefits of Social Marketing  

Listed here are a few benefits of social marketing that also help understand the scope of digital marketing:  

  • It is the ideal method to generate brand awareness. The fact that it has a large audience and is more interactive makes this more suitable.   
  • Social media is used by all types of people, making it simpler to target a specific demographic.  
  • Your page rank or social media ranking matters when it comes to having your company listed for relevant search results.  
  • This type of ad has a high visibility rate hence also ensuring a better conversation.  
  • Consumers gain better satisfaction with this method; besides this, it is also possible to measure one’s campaign and fine-tune to create the perfect digital marketing strategy.  
  • This encourages better brand loyalty and is simpler to create more personalized strategies.  
  • Social media marketing is more affordable, especially due to the various options available to create a campaign.    

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Traditional marketing and digital marketing are both popular and effective. However, this is the digital era with an ever-increasing user base of smartphones. The number of people who prefer to use smartphones over the Internet is also on the rise. Mobile devices are the most popular method of doing research, shopping, gaining information about businesses and more. Social media marketing is the ideal method to engage with this growing mobile user making it the ideal platform to develop your marketing strategy. Gandhi Technoweb Solutions is the ideal firm to trust with your digital marketing requirements.  

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