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ShareASale vs Webgains Platforms – How Do They Compare?

Businesses rely heavily on digital marketing strategies in this digital era. We live in a time where the number of people using electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, and laptops is on the rise. More people look towards the Internet to do their research, study, find more information, and shop online. There are several digital marketing techniques one can implement, and affiliate marketing is one of them.

This is one of the best methods to get to target the relevant audience. Digital marketing experts use popular affiliate networks to connect businesses, blog owners, and influencers with the relevant audience. This article is all about ShareASale vs Webgains, the two popular affiliate networks.

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What is An Affiliate Network? 

An affiliate network makes the process of implementing digital marketing strategies easier. It is a network that connects all important elements necessary to implement this technique, like the business, influencer, blog owners, and relevant audience. There are several affiliate networks that allow publishers and influencers to promote a product or service.

The way these networks work is they act as a marketing place for the affiliate program. It allows businesses to select the type of products and services they wish to promote and generate custom links to track the people purchasing from their site and those showing interest.

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Affiliate Marketing Explained 

This is one of the best digital marketing techniques, one that is economical and takes less time & effort. The level of risk is also lower, with an assurance of a high return on investment. It is the ideal way to increase brand awareness and ensure the growth of your business.

An affiliate network has immense potential making it the ideal tool for any digital marketing strategy. Listed here are the benefits of using an affiliate marketing network:

  • It makes the process of implementing the affiliate marketing strategy simpler.
  • The affiliate network platform handles all major tasks and streamlines payments as well.
  • The platform helps businesses connect with the relevant audience to ensure good ROI.
  • It offers good incentives, like high commissions, encouraging affiliates to sell more. This, in turn, benefits your business.
  • The platform is fully equipped with analytical and reporting tools to allow one to track how successful their digital marketing (affiliate) strategy is.
  • The initial cost to set up is low, as is the ongoing cost.
  • It is a comparatively low-risk technique and allows a higher level of flexibility.
  • It assures a high ROI and is the ideal method to boost your sales.
  • Besides being easy to implement, it also provides a competitive advantage. 

Here are a few statistics that suggest the same:

  • The use of the keyword “Affiliate Marketing” has continued to rise over the last 5 years, according to Google Trends.
  • It is estimated that this industry will be worth $12 Billion in 2022, which happens to be three times its worth in 2015.
  • Affiliate marketing spending is expected to continue to rise in the next five years. 
  • Affiliate marketing spending in 2010 was 1.6 Billion USD, while in 2016, it was 4.8 Billion USD and in 2020 was 6.8 Billion USD.
  • The affiliate marketing strategy helps drive 16% of the eCommerce sales in Canada and the USA.

ShareASale vs Webgains

ShareASale and Webgains are two very popular affiliate networks. These networks offer services across several categories with a varying percentage of market share. However, both have their pros and cons, as described here:

  • ShareASale has been implemented in 126 countries and has over 20692 customers. 
  • Webgains also has a vast customer base in 23 countries.
  • ShareASale has 19.90% of the market share, while Webgains has only 0.12%.
  • Some of the countries where ShareASale is popular include the USA, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Japan. Some of the countries where Webgains are popular include Argentina, Australia, Russia, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. 
  • ShareASale is not free and offers features like pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click; It also has a more varied set of categories. On the other hand, Webgains is a US-based affiliate network that is free to use. 

The Verdict

ShareASale is a highly popular affiliate marketing network that offers better brand recognition; however, Webgains offer more frequent discounts & promotions. There are several factors one needs to consider when selecting a good affiliate network; this includes the commission rates, one that is popular with the audience, as well as the fees and charges. 

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Affiliate marketing is a popular and effective digital marketing technique that implements an affiliate network to take advantage of its unique features. ShareASale is one of the more popular ones and has several advantages over webgains. We have the expertise to assist with this affiliate network and ensure high ROI.