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How To Promote Colleges & Universities Through Digital Marketing?

Every college & university prefers that the best and most intelligent students choose them for their higher studies. On the other hand, there is no dearth of options for students once they finish their school education. This is more true today than it was a few years ago. Students these days can pick from a local university, an international one, distance learning, online education as well as practical education from an institute.

The fact that higher education is a big investment makes this a very important decision for all students; hence they tend to put a lot of thought into it. Thus, it is important to understand what the students are looking for to sell your university to them. One of the best methods to do so is to create a good digital marketing strategy. This article provides more information on digital marketing for schools & colleges.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing For Universities 

  • It helps increase your ROI.
  • There are many marketing options for colleges which include traditional marketing solutions like billboards, flyers, exhibitions, etc. However, digital marketing is the most cost-effective marketing option.
  • Digital marketers can use several techniques to attract more students. It is also more affordable than traditional marketing.
  • It makes it simpler to target the right students as well as parents making it more likely that they will contact your university. 
  • This is the ideal method of personalizing your marketing efforts and creating brand awareness.
  • Credibility is very important when attempting to influence the parent’s decision. This is the ideal technique to ensure the parents decide in your favor.
  • It is also the ideal method of gaining better leads and a higher conversion rate.

Here are a few relevant statistics:

  • The number of students enrolling in universities in the USA has declined by 3.3% since 1951.
  • College enrollment in the USA in 1970 was 7.4 Million, while that in 2010 was 21 Million and in 2020 was 19 million. 
  • The enrollment of students in the USA has decreased by 9.6% since 2010.
  • There are over 25000 universities around the world.
  • Asia has over 5964 recognized universities, Europe has 13,723 while the USA has over 4138. 
  • California has the greatest number of universities in the USA followed by New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas. 
  • The number of international students globally in 2011 was 3,961,200 while that in 2016 was 4,854,346.

10 Marketing Strategies for Universities & Colleges

  1. Optimize your website for a search engine with the help of the digital marketing technique the name SEO. This is the ideal technique to boost your website’s ranking with all search engines. 
  2. A high number of students use search engines like Google to find an appropriate university. Making an effort to ensure you are listed high on the search engine results will be effective.
  3. Long-tail keywords play a key role in SEO; the reason being these types of keywords tend to provide more accurate results. 
  4. It is a good practice to use several keywords in many different places, however, avoid overusing the keywords or keyword stuffing.
  5. Backlinks are also an important strategy to boost the rankings of your website and build reputation and credibility.
  6. Your website should meet the expectations of the visitors. They will not spend more than a few seconds trying to assess whether the website is useful. Good user experience, and innovative features with a good website design, all help create a good first impression which is vital.
  7. PPC is another effective strategy to market the website of your university. With PPC ads you are only charged per successful click or interest and it is possible to keep track of the conversion rate and gain access to the lead generation report.
  8. Universities with a social media presence are bound to gain a high level of exposure if the ad is configured in a smart manner to target the right people.
  9. Highlight your college’s selling points that make you stand out from the others and catch the eye of students seeking the right college or university for admission. 
  10. Developing a responsive website that is available on multiple platforms can go a long way toward increasing the user base and generating awareness. At the same time optimizing your targeted searches is also a very effective strategy.

How Digital Marketing Helps Overcome Common Challenges

What makes the promotion of universities and colleges more complicated is the fact there is a vast audience to target. There are several factors to consider like the prospective & current students as well as their parents, Alumni, potential donors, faculty, and much more. Thus, it is best to leave the digital marketing efforts to the experience and skills hands of the professionals like Gandhi Technoweb Solutions. Marketing agencies like these have expertise in various strategies like social media, user-generated posts, branding, visual data marketing, webinars, paid traffic, email marketing, and more.

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Digital marketing is the ideal strategy for universities and colleges. There are several techniques that can help your college stand out. Universities can benefit from hiring a popular digital marketing firm like Gandhi Technoweb Solutions which has been around for more than 12 years offering such a service.