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How AI & AR are Transforming Digital Marketing?

AI, AR & VR are revolutionizing the IT industry, and it is also affecting the digital marketing world. For example, Google and IBM already implement AI to handle their customer data. Moreover, a significant percentage of Google search queries implement AI; hence it is important to implement AI in digital marketing strategy

AR now allows customers to get more information about a product at a supermarket by simply scanning the product code with their smartphones. This includes information like product details, discount, offers, and cost. It is changing the way consumers research and buy products and how marketers can target their customers. This article goes on to explain the impact of AI & AR on digital marketing.

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What is AI & AR?

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are two different technologies with plenty of potentials. This is a technology that is utilized in head-worn devices and also in AI applications. This is a technology that helps one experience the natural world in the form of digital augmentation. It can also help one experience a simulated world. This technology can be implemented in various industries like travel, aerospace, education, medicine, eCommerce, and much more. 

How does Digital Marketing Work with AI & AR?

The way this works is by monitoring and studying user behaviour and trying to understand their preferences. With AI & AR, this is done with the help of machines. This is a method to make use of machine learning in a campaign. It helps one automate the process. There is great potential for this technology, significantly since the number of people who own smartphones is rising.

Implementing this technology for customer support is an excellent method to improve your customer base. This technology is likely to change how businesses deal with their clients and will also influence your marketing strategy in the near future. Here is how AI & AR work with digital marketing:

  • It makes marketing easier by replacing the physical product with a virtual one.
  • This is an innovative method of showcasing a product and explaining all its features.
  • It helps change the dynamics between brands and consumers because the consumers play a more active role.
  • Augmented reality provides the consumers with a unique experience and drives sales via mobile devices.
  • It allows consumers to try the products in innovative methods virtually before buying, thus offering them an augmented shopping experience. 

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Augmented reality is an advanced technology that rapidly changes how we do business and market products to consumers. Several other technologies like VR and AI are also creating a significant impact on developing a strategy. Divwy Technologies is an AI & AR company in India that can help you develop the best digital marketing strategy and ensure you remain competitive.

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