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The Cannabis website that we were working for was well known for offering the best CBD! The hemp oils sold by them come from EU farms and are grown according to organic principles. All our CBD products are developed in Passau in our CBD shop - with a lot of passion, attention to detail and the inclusion of scientific knowledge. After harvesting, a gentle extraction takes place, in which the full spectrum of plants is preserved. In order to guarantee the highest level of purity, safety and quality, each oil is also tested in certified laboratories. Cannabis CBD oils are also 100% vegan and free of additives. Since there are lots of restrictions to market such products, it is important to choose the right marketplace. Hence, affiliate marketing proved to be a great choice for the same.


CBD products have a lot of restrictions so, one has to be careful while forming the strategy. The major challenge was to connect with such affiliates that have previous experience in CBD marketing. We have to smartly market our products and reach out to the maximum audience in the given time. Another challenge was to market the product in the specified locations. The website is german based, hence, the focus was to give priority to affiliates from Germany, and market CBD products there. Considering all these factors we created the strategy suitable for the website as well as the affiliate marketing platform.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.

Gap Analysis

To market any business it is important to analyze its existing position in the market. We started working on restrictions and criteria imposed on CBD products in the German market. As per the research, we created our strategy, found a list of the top working affiliates in the industry and focused on maximising the reach using German as a communicating language on the platform. We also had an in-depth understanding of how the industry is using brand creatives to attract the audience and we created a strategy that aligns with the standards.

Optimization Of Account

We set up their account on an affiliate marketing program called Shareasale. We ensure that all the details are correct and information aligns with the branding of the company. We also pay attention to details like automated emails monitoring keywords forming groups tagging affiliates adding brand logos all these things help to differentiate a brand from the competitors. We kept all these details in Germany as our focused market was specific to that location. Initially, all these activities help to gain organic traffic and join new affiliates on the platform.

Connect With Affiliates

We filtered two kinds of affiliates and focused on the same. The first was to focus on affiliates that work in Germany or have an audience base in Germany. The second was to connect with affiliates that market CBD products are aware of guidelines to do so and have a minimum reach of 1000 users per day on their website. Once we found affiliates we connected with them via emails. We offered them the best commission in the industry and worked on their requirements to market our products. All these efforts helped to spread the word, connect quality affiliates, and generate more clicks and sales on the website.

Adding Creatives

As this industry targeted CBD users, our text in creatives needed to be informative and easy to understand. We created attractive banners and text that highlights information to the consumers and attracts a wider audience. We also ensured that information is credible and authentic so it does not mislead anyone. We also added relevant offers and deals that help our affiliates to attract the audience.

Establishing Relationships

Connecting with affiliates is sometimes not enough. It is also important to establish great relationships with them. We communicated with various affiliates to understand their needs and requirements then accordingly strategists are resources to provide them. Through this, they prioritized our brand over other competitors and we were able to lead the company and affiliate marketing platforms easily.


It’s been 2 months since we are doing their affiliate marketing. So far we have received more than 200+ clicks, 125+ new affiliates for the CBD industry and managed to reach a wider audience. Sales have been a challenging area, however, there has been gradual progress on the website after marketing the products on Shareasale.

Top Affiliates that we have worked with include,

  • Admitad Monetize Technologies GmbH
  • Skimbit Ltd
  • Wildfire Systems, Inc.
  • Sovrn Commerce (formerly Viglink, Inc.)

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  • Clicks 200+
  • Client: Confidential*
  • Location: Germany

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