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We started working for UK's premium CBD Brand that offers a full range from hemp flowers to moon rocks, oils edibles and much more. Their CBD superstore serves thousands of happy customers and is committed to providing only the very best products at unbeatable prices and overall services with our well thought out loyalty rewards program and regular huge discount codes. To ensure they bring you the highest quality products every single product is third-party lab tested and then tested again in-house to guarantee product authenticity. They approached us for their digital marketing and we knew we were experts in this industry.


The Major challenge for marketing any CBD Brand is the restrictions that come along with its advertising and marketing plans. We knew all the restrictions that google and social media puts on the brand, so we were prepared to have that kind of strategy. Another challenge that came along was to target the audience geographically as CBD promotion/sales are banned in many countries. We also wanted to do the right brand that doesn't mislead the purpose/uses of our CBD brand. We considered all these factors and worked with the team to provide them with complete digital marketing solutions.


Here are the following things we did to meet the objectives and goals of the brand.


On auditing the website and other social platforms we understood that we had to be very careful while writing content and images. We began to analyse the industry standards and establish our strategies accordingly. Later we ran the numbers in analytics and social media pages and found out the sales and clicks are very low. It was also important to differentiate the brand in terms of quality and product. After this detailed analysis, we carried out the marketing strategies in various ways.

Social Media

To begin with social media marketing, we started working on the text, and hashtags that align with the privacy policy of various social media applications. We added benefits of the products, showed reviews on social apps and marketed information related to CBD that grabbed the attention of the customers. We created images that were attractive, engaging and shareable on social media apps. This added more customers and created a buzz in the CBD community of the various countries.


It is complicated to market the CBD brand as it has thousands of keywords and varieties. We had to target a nice audience and carefully select the words that enhance the search results with our brand. We ensured that the keywords we target have great search volume and are relevant to our products. We incorporated those keywords into all the web pages and blogs that helped increase our clicks by 30%. To market at various places we also added child domains to various geographical areas and maintained the reach such that it reaches the age group of 18+ only.


For PPC of the CBD brand, it was important to follow all the guidelines and prepare the text and images accordingly. We worked on proper strategies and methods in order to run paid advertisements of CBD brands on various platforms. We also ensured that our ads run for a very niche audience, perfectly targeted geo-locations, and high volume keywords. We got great responses with CBD ads on both the Google search engine as well as social media platforms. Later on, we tried and tested different forms of advertisements and received great ROI on them.

Affiliate Marketing

CBD products are in great demand on affiliate marketing platforms and it was important to market our products on ShareASale and webgains. We received a great response in just one month of marketing CBD products on affiliate marketing platforms.

Here are the following things needed for affiliate marketing
Bi connected with the right affiliates and collaborated with them in order to increase our clicks and sales.
We ensure that we offer regular deals and discounts on CBD products that can help us to reach a wider audience in a short span of time.
We were in constant touch with their affiliates by sending them newsletters text banners that they can promote on their website and on great commission for reference.

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  • Client: Confidential
  • Location: UK
  • Ranking Growth: 100%
  • Revenue 45%
  • Sales: $600000+
  • Website: Confidential

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